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Challenges and Social Consequences of Artificial Intelligence in Swedish Forests

10 May 2022

William Lidberg

WASP-HS Principal Investigator William Lidberg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, reflects on his project Challenges and Social Consequences of Artificial Intelligence in Swedish Forests and WASP-HS. In short, please introduce your...

Role-Playing Helps AI Researchers See Ethics from New Perspectives

28 March 2022

Erik Campano

WASP-HS affiliated PhD student, Erik Campano, shares his experiences of attending the joint WASP and WASP-HS course Ethical, Legal, and Societal Aspects of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems....

“I Hope to Make Lasting Friendships and Learn a Great Deal”

24 February 2022

Michael Belfrage

WASP-HS PhD Student Michael Belfrage, located at Malmö University, shares his experience of starting out as a PhD student, being new to the WASP-HS Community, and attending the...

Finding Strengths In an Interdisciplinary Community

21 February 2022

Anna-Kaisa Kaila

Anna-Kaisa Kaila, WASP-HS PhD Student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and active in the project AI and the Artistic Imaginary – Socio-Cultural Consequences and Challenges of Creative-AI Technology,...

AI and Autonomous Systems in Data-Based Environmental Research

19 January 2022

Lina Rahm

WASP-HS Principal Investigator Lina Rahm, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, reflects on her project Media and Environment: AI and Autonomous Systems in Data-Based Environmental Research and WASP-HS. In short, please...

The World In AI In the World

21 December 2021

Eren Yildiz

WASP-HS Affiliated PhD Student in Socially Aware AI research group at Umeå University, Eren Yildiz, looks back on his experiences of attending the WASP-HS Graduate School course STS Methods...

AI and Political Communication

13 December 2021

Carl Öhman

WASP-HS Principal Investigator Carl Öhman, Uppsala University, reflects on his project AI and Political Communication and WASP-HS. In short, please introduce your project The goal of our project is to improve...

FinTech and Its Accountability

8 November 2021

Ensieh Mahi

Ensieh Mahi, a PhD Student at the Business Studies Department, Uppsala University, outlines the roundtable “Accountability In (and of) FinTech“ at the WASP-HS FinTech Community Reference Meeting held...