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Beyond the current day hype of AI

14 January 2020

Anna-Sara Lind

Anna-Sara Lind, Uppsala University, is the project leader for the project Artificial Intelligence, Democracy and Human Dignity. Together with her research group, she wants to anchor humanities and...

Trust and transparency in AI-systems

9 January 2020

Stefan Larsson

Stefan Larsson, Lund University, is project leader for the WASP-HS project AI transparency and consumer trust. The project focuses on consumers – basically all of us, but in...

AI research with high ambitions

22 December 2019

Nicolette Lakemond

Nicolette Lakemond, Linköping University, is project leader for the WASP-HS project The emergence of complex intelligent systems and the future of management. What’s your view of being a...

Becoming an AI researcher

19 December 2019

Pontus Strimling

“I decided to take up the cause, trying to understand how AI could impact society.” In this blog post, Pontus Strimling at The Institute for Futures Studies, writes...

Excellent opportunity to do groundbreaking research

16 December 2019

Morten Fjeld Sara Ljungblad

Morten Fjeld and Sara Ljungblad are project leaders for the WASP-HS project The rise of social drones: A constructive design research agenda. What’s your view of being a...

Emotions and human-robot interactions

12 December 2019

Ericka Johnson

Ericka Johnson, Professor at Linköping University, is project leader in the WASP-HS project The ethics and social consequences of AI & caring robots. Learning trust, empathy and accountability....

Annika Fredén: Combining AI and political science

10 December 2019

Annika Fredén

Annika Fredén, Karlstad University, is project leader in the WASP-HS program. Read more about the project Bias and methods of AI technology studying political behavior. What’s your view...

Jonas Ivarsson: Understanding trust and artificial intelligence

9 December 2019

Jonas Ivarsson

Jonas Ivarsson, University of Gothenburg, project leader in WASP-HS for the project Professional trust and autonomous systems, will investigate how concerns and fears relating to new technology can...