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AI and Politics Roundtable: Epistemic and Ethical Articulations Remain a Key Challenge

1 November 2022

Pasko Kisic Merino

WAPS-HS PhD student, Pasko Kisic Merino, at the Department of Political Science, Karlstad University, shares his experience from the WASP-HS Community Reference Meeting AI and Media and the...

WASP-HS Conference. Springboard for Conversation on Our Future with AI

12 October 2022

Francis Lee

Francis Lee, WASP-HS Associate Professor in Technology and Social Change at Chalmers University of Technology is chair for the WASP-HS Conference AI for Humanity and Society 2022. As...

We Are Growing! Reflections From the Program Director on WASP-HS Spring Calls

5 October 2022

Virginia Dignum

WASP-HS is continuing to grow. We are currently home to 58 research projects at 11 universities and over 70 PhD students are active in our Graduate School. Impressive...

Making Fairness Concrete for AI in Education

3 October 2022

Marisa Ponti

Post-doctoral researcher Marie Utterberg Modén and Associate Professor Marisa Ponti at the University of Gothenburg, argue for making fairness “concrete” and its implications for the use of AI...

AI Helps in Understanding What Makes Us Human

14 September 2022

Mariana Busarello

Mariana Busarello, WASP-HS PhD student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, shares her experience and reflections on the WASP-HS Summer School 2022. I am an outgoing person...

The Social Robot Exhibition

12 September 2022

Dominika Lisy

Dominika Lisy, and Maria Arnelid WASP-HS PhD students at the Department of Thematic Studies, Linköping University, has installed an exhibition on social robots running from August 13 to...

AI Goes Beyond Computer Science

8 September 2022

Kaan Kilic

Kaan Kilic, PhD student at the Department of Computing Science, Umeå University, shares his reflections on the WASP-HS Summer School 2022. The theme of social robotics in the...

AI Assisted Competition

6 September 2022

Jonas Ivarsson

Professor Jonas Ivarsson at the University of Gothenburg, reflects on technology and AI assisting in competition. In our research project, we study new technologies and autonomous systems developments....