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Why We Shouldn’t Pause Research on AI, but Instead Prioritize Multidisciplinary Research and AI Governance

4 May 2023

Virginia Dignum

Authors: Virginia Dignum, Christian Balkenius, Ingar Brink, Francis Lee, Anna-Sara Lind, Helena Lindgren (members of the WASP-HS management team). Abstract. The recent open letter from the Future of...

How Can We Ensure Algorithmic Fairness to Protect Children?

2 May 2023

Tiina Leino Lindell

Tiina Leino Lindell, postdoctoral researcher in the WASP-HS project The Missing Teacher In AI: Involving Teachers in Metadesign of AI to Ensure FAIRness, shares her experience, and insights,...

Exploring Potential Futures of the WASP-HS Program: From Super-Parrots to AI Beneficial for Humanity and Society

21 April 2023

Helena Lindgren

WASP-HS is summarizing the initial five years, and is making plans for the coming five years. What could then be a better start than to ask representatives of...

A Call for Cross-Sectoral Research

27 February 2023

Sarah de Heer

Sarah de Heer, WASP-HS PhD student in Public Law at Lund University, shares her experience after taking part of the WASP-HS Winter Conference in Gothenburg on 15-17 February,...

Reasons for Why the WASP-HS Winter Conference Was Successful and Enriching

24 February 2023

Johannes Geith

Johannes Geith, WASP-HS PhD student in Political Science at Stockholm University, shares insights from his experience of taking part of the WASP-HS Winter Conference in Gothenburg on 15-17...

Intermediary Reflections on AI for Humanity and Society 2022

8 February 2023

Anna-Sara Lind

Professor Anna-Sara Lind and Associate Professor Francis Lee, both principal investigators within WASP-HS, and chairs of the annual conference AI for Humanity and Society 2022, share their reflections...

The System World’s Colonization of the Life World – A Canopy for Research on AI

17 January 2023

Johan Wejryd

Johan Wejryd, PostDoc in Political Science at the Institute for Housing and Urban Research, Uppsala University, shares his speech at the WASP-HS AI for Humanity and Society 2022...

Researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities and the General Discourse About AI

13 January 2023

Teresa Cerratto-Pargman

Teresa Ceratto-Pargman, Professor in Human-Computer Interaction at Stockholm University, and Principal Investigator of the WASP-HS project Ethical and Legal Challenges in Relationship to AI-Driven Practices in Higher Education,...