FinTech (Community Reference Meeting)

WASP-HS community reference meetings aim at learning for public and private organisations in Sweden about challenges and questions of their interest and sharing recent developments within WASP-HS in order to identify opportunities for collaboration in different sectors. 
During the meetings we will make use of interactive break-out sessions to generate recommendations the reference meeting, to keep a continuous link to society in our plans and strategy.  

Developments in intelligent technologies are transforming financial products and services. Automated decision making play an increasingly important role on the provision of financial services, fraud detection and credit audits. At the same time, consumer finance providers are relying on conversational AI agents that can engage directly with customers, and algorithmic trading, including high-frequency algorithmic trading, is shaping markets and driving policy.  

These changes affect access and cost of capital for individuals and companies. Consequently, in the long run they may determine the development paths of countries and regions. Alongside new opportunities created by the advances in financial technology, numerous challenges are emerging that require a broad and multidisciplinary approach. 

In this meeting, WASP-HS brings together academics and practitioners to discuss these issues and build the foundation for further analysis for the emerging field of FinTech from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities. 

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