Healthcare sector (community reference meeting)

This WASP-HS community reference meeting is all about the healthcare sector.
Introduction to WASP-HS
Multidisciplinary approaches to healthcare challenges
• human-centered AI: patients (improving Health journey with patient data, empowering of patients, awareness of AI use in healthcare),
• human-centered AI: healthcare professionals (future of work, role and position of healthcare workers, management challenges),
• society issues: future healthcare (post-covid society, ageing),
• society issues: values and technology (balance quality, cost, risk)
Summary and conclusions

Please help! We are looking for your support organising this meeting:
• Do you have suggestions for topics?
• Please share with us names of people and organisations that we should invite to participate.
• Please provide us this information asap, and before 8 January 2021.
Send an email to the WASP-HS program office.