AI for Humanity and Society 2020

Welcome to attend AI for Humanity and Society 2020 – kick-off for the research programme WASP-HS and meeting place for dialogue on humanistic and societal aspects on artificial intelligence and autonomous systems!

Artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems transform the way we work, live our lives and solve problems. This technology has the potential to improve people’s wellbeing and contribute to social and environmental sustainability. At the same time, we also see an increased concern about the potential risks with AI. Massive efforts create many opportunities to shape how the society and people’s everyday life develop. Welcome to participate in the dialogue!

Date: March 12, 2020
Location: Norra Latin, Stockholm
Time: 12.30-19.00
Register for the conference, March 1 at the latest. Seats are limited, so a confirmation will be sent.

The event is free of charge. However, registration is required. The conference will be in English.


The Wallenberg Foundations are now investing in research on humanity and societal aspects on AI and autonomous systems through the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous System and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS).

The vision with the research programme WASP-HS is to support and accelerate outstanding research with humanistic and societal perspectives, which focus on how AI and autonomous systems can be developed and integrated in society and in people’s everyday lives, potential effects, possibilities and challenges. WASP-HS aims to create interdisciplinary research environments, a national graduate school, and a national research network that can contribute with new knowledge, illuminate important topics and engage citizens and other societal actors. WASP-HS also aims at establishing collaborations with the public and private sectors.