The Promise of Artificial Intelligence

Location: Linköping University, Room: Faros
Preliminary time: 13:15 – 15:00

Brian Cantwell Smith, Reid Hoffman Professor of Artificial Intelligence and the Human, University of Toronto, will be speaking about his new book, in which he argues that, despite dramatic advances in the field, artificial intelligence is nowhere near developing systems that are genuinely intelligent.

Taking judgment as the ultimate goal of intelligence, Smith examines the history of AI from its first-wave origins (“good old-fashioned AI,” or GOFAI) to such celebrated second-wave approaches as machine learning, paying particular attention to recent advances that have led to excitement, anxiety, and debate. He considers AI technology’s underlying assumptions, the conceptions of intelligence targeted at each stage, and the successes achieved so far. Smith unpacks the notion of intelligence itself—what sort humans have, and what sort AI aims at.