Winter Conference 2022

Welcome to the third WASP-HS Winter Conference! The Winter Conference 2023 is an internal conference dedicated to the WASP-HS community, and to the WASP-HS PhD students in particular.

The event will take place over three days and takes place at Chalmersska Huset in the city of Gothenburg. All WASP-HS PhD students are invited to give oral presentations, poster presentations and partake in panel discussions.

There are several meetings happening parallel to the PhD student activities. The WASP-HS Research Leadership Programme will have a session on February 16-17.

Information For PhD Students

Call for Abstracts

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Keynote Speaker
Shannon Vallor

Keynote Abstract: Sophisticated yet opaque algorithms increasingly constrain and shape what information we consume, what medical treatments we are advised to undergo, who will hire us, who we are invited to meet or date, how the justice system will treat us, and where we will be allowed to live. The lack of transparency in such processes raises profound ethical questions about justice, power, inequality, bias, freedom and democratic values in modern computing. Here I focus on a less commonly discussed concern: the potential for opaque algorithmic decision systems to lead to a contraction of what philosophers have called the space of moral reasons, a concept that underpins personal and public practices of moral reflection, moral responsibility, moral imagination, moral justification, and moral appeal. Using examples from jurisprudence, human resources, and law enforcement, I show why AI-driven contractions of the space of moral reasons should matter to us, and how we might instead use AI in ways that hold open and enlarge such spaces.

Research Meeting Keynote

Professor Anders Ynnerman, WASP Program Director. will present current research results from WASP and general developments in the field of AI, with focus on human-in-the-loop issues.

This session regards WASP-HS researchers only. The session is parallel to the conference and takes place during the PhD Council Meeting (see program below).

Anders Ynnerman
Professor, WASP Program Director

Conference Proceedings

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Conference Program


09:15 Welcome!

09:30 Oral Presentations I

10:30 BREAK

11:00 Oral presentations II

12:15 LUNCH

13:15 PhD Council Meeting and WASP-HS PI meeting

14:15 BREAK

14:15 Panel discussion I
Ethics of AI, robots and autonomous systems

15:00 BREAK

15:30 Panel discussion II
AI, robots and autonomous systems applications and social challenges

16:30 Wrapping up


09:30 Oral presentations III

10:20 BREAK

10:30 Poster session

12:00 LUNCH

13:00 Keynote speaker

14:00 BREAK

14:15 Oral presentations IV

15:20 Panel discussion III
Trust in AI, robots and autonomous systems

16:05 Wrapping up

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