PhD students in WASP-HS projects
PhD students recruited to the research projects funded within the WASP-HS program are included in the graduate school and participate in the WASP-HS graduate school and its different activities such as courses, summer schools and conferences. [länk till Graduate school requirements]

Affiliated PhD students
It is also possible for other PhD students to be affiliated with the graduate school after an application process. The deadline for affiliated students for the first cohort of students was May 22, 2020.
For affiliated PhD students the employing university has full responsibility for the financing of the student including salary, office space, indirect costs, regular travel costs, and travel costs to all WASP-HS courses and activities.

Graduate School in Numbers
In total, approximately 35 PhD students will be accepted for the graduate school in 2020. Additional calls are planned in the future. [link to open-calls]