Courses Graduate School

In the first semester, we will offer two courses, the first called “Explaining Intelligence” which traces the different views on intelligent systems, including both humans and machines. This course will be followed by “Introduction to AI and autonomous systems” that will give a more hands on experience of the technology. There will also be a one-week “summer school”, that this year have been moved to the fall because of the COVID-19 situation. The summer school will give a broader introduction to the fields covered by WASP-HS.

Planned courses for fall 2020

Explaining intelligence
Introduction to AI and autonomous systems

Tentative list of future courses

• Human-AI interaction
• Philosophy of AI
• Methods for autonomous systems and AI
• Ethics, law and policy making in the areas of AI and autonomous systems
• Society and economics
• Humanities, social sciences and AI

The graduate school is committed to offering courses of high quality that are relevant to all the students within the program and is happy to receive suggestions on courses and cause content for future courses. Any suggestions can be sent to