Introduction to AI and Autonomous Systems

2,5 ECTS

Date: Spring 2024

Place: Linköping (April 26-28)

Venue: Linköping University,
Teaching Methods: Lectures and seminars

Examination: Paper

Course Coordinator: Fredrik Heintz, Linköping University

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Introductory course in artificial intelligence for students with a non-technical background. The focus is on introducing the main concepts, techniques and methods.

The aim of the course is to introduce concepts and applications of artificial intelligence (AI). The focus is on developing intelligent agent systems that can decide what to do and then do it. This requires techniques for problem solving, knowledge representation and reasoning, learning, communication, perceiving and acting.

After the course, the student will:
• be able to explain and discuss artificial intelligence concepts
• have a theoretical understanding of different techniques and methods
• have a hands-on experience with some of the techniques and methods

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