The supervisors of the PhD students are critical to the success of WASP-HS. their PhD projects and it is important that their contributions are aligned with the goals of the graduate school in addition to that of their individual subject areas. See Requirements.

To support the supervisors there will be one meeting a year for the supervisors that will be arranged in connection with other WASP-HS activities. This meeting will concern the supervision of the PhD students and provide opportunities to discuss and share experiences, as well as to discuss cooperation e.g. as “third readers” or opponents on final seminars etc. It is an aim that the supervisors become resources that can be utilised between the projects where relevant, for example as external readers of manuscripts, for final seminars, thesis committees, etc.

The WASP-HS graduate school is committed to supporting the supervisors with their task in all possible ways. Any question regarding supervision can be addressed to the graduate school director Christian Balkenius or to