Program Report: This Is WASP-HS 2021

A report was recently published about WASP-HS. The report includes the most up-to-date information such as the WASP-HS research projects, the graduate school, governance structures, calls and recruitments of 2021, and ways forward.

During the WASP-HS conference AI for Humanity and Society 2021 the report This Is WASP-HS 2021 was first announced and introduced to the on-site participants. The report, which includes a broad overview of the program today, has now been published online.

– As the program, WASP-HS, has been running for a few years now we believe it is time to provide a concrete overview. The new report does not only give an overview of the program itself but also includes information on where the program is today and where we are heading. It is a great document for those new to WASP-HS and also for those who have been a part of the program for a longer period of time, says Hanna Nordin, WASP-HS Communications Officer.

The report can be found amongst WASP-HS publications and can also be downloaded here.