Associate Senior Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in the Global Politics of AI and Health

Application deadline:
1 February, 2021


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The Faculty of Culture and Society is a multidisciplinary faculty that includes the School of Arts and Communication, the Department of Global Political Studies and the Department of Urban Studies. Read more about the Faculty of Culture and Society


The Department of Global Political Studies is a multidisciplinary research and educational environment with Bachelor programs in European Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER), Diversity Studies, International Relations, Human Rights, and Political Science. There are two Masters programs – in IMER and Global Politics – as well as two Ph.D. programs in the same subjects. The Department’s educational programs and research focus on global processes of change and their impact on societies and individuals. Our research environment also includes the research institute MIM (Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare) and the research platforms RUCARR (Russia and the Caucasus Regional Research) and REDEM (Rethinking Democracy).  

Work duties

The purpose of a fixed-term employment as an Associate Senior Lecturer is to provide an opportunity to develop oneself both scientifically and pedagogically in the relevant field in order to meet the requirements for eligibility for a position as Senior Lecturer. Working hours are divided between research (80%) and teaching (20%).

The position will be based at the Department of Global Political Studies, and in the broader research environment of the Precision Health and Everyday Democracy (PHED) project. Read more about the project.

The position involves working within the framework of a sub-project titled: ‘AI and the everyday political-economy of health’. The role of AI in healthcare has grown exponentially in the last few years, accelerating at a pace during the Covid-19 pandemic that often far exceeds the capacity of regulators or other societal actors to understand these developments. The public is likely to initially accept AI in healthcare if it improves diagnosis and treatment, for example, and so garners output legitimacy. Yet, evident and unresolved power imbalances without global policies able to mitigate the worst effects of that inequality risk obstructing the potential benefits of AI in global healthcare.

In relation to the above, and in collaboration with the project lead, the research carried out will be centred around the question: How are governance structures emerging in response to the rapidly accelerating role of AI in global healthcare, and what are the implications for the distribution of power in global politics?

The position is co-financed via an external grant from the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS), and requires engagement within the WASP-HS research environment in addition to that based at Malmö University. As part of an externally-funded project, the successful applicant is required to adhere to the project’s description at the discretion of the Project Manager. As part of the post, the successful applicant is expected to participate in research applications that help support the development of Global Politics and Health as a research and teaching field at Malmö University.


A person qualified for appointment as an Associate Senior Lecturer is a person who has been awarded a PhD or has the corresponding research expertise. Primary consideration should be given to a person who has been awarded a PhD or achieved the equivalent expertise within five years of the deadline for application for employment as an Associate Senior Lecturer. However, a person who has been awarded a PhD or achieved the equivalent expertise at an earlier date may also be considered if there are exceptional circumstances. Exceptional circumstances are sick leave, parental leave or other similar circumstances.

Specific requirements for this position:

  • A PhD in International Relations, or related area (i.e. International/Global Political Economy, Global Studies, Global Politics)
  • Published research within International (or Global) Political Economy, Global Politics, and/or Global Governance
  • Proven ability to conduct analysis of intergovernmental bodies and transnational policy-making
  • Teaching experience in Global Politics/International Relations at University level education 

The following would be of benefit for the position:

  • Experience studying civil society and other societal actors
  • Knowledge of policy-making within healthcare and/or new technologies
  • Experience in either the civil service (at any level), technology industry, or civil society

Given the project would ideally include engagement with Swedish policy debates, applicants not currently living in Scandinavia are advised to provide documentation of any previous experience working with political analysis undertaken outside of their country of origin.

In addition to formal competence, University’s employees must possess the personal capacities necessary to perform the duties of the position well and to represent the University in the best possible way. For the position as Associate Senior Lecturer, you must have good collaboration skills and a high level of proficiency to teach, research and communicate in English.

Assessment criteria

Accordning to the Appointment Rules at Malmö University, the assessment crieteria for a position as Associate Senior Lecturer are:

  • The quality and focus of the doctoral thesis
  • Documented proficiency in independently conducting research of a high quality
  • Reflective presentation of their own pedagogical outlook and practices
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate and collaborate with actors in other parts of society with a connection to education and research 

Further information

For questions regarding the University and the department of Global Political Studies, contact Magnus Ericson, Head of Department,

For questions regarding the project, contact Michael Strange, Project Manager, 

For general employment and procedural questions, contact Rebecca Nordh, HR,

In our recruitment work, Malmö University has taken a stand regarding recruitment channels and marketing. We therefore decline all offers of advertising and recruitment assistance in connection with this advertisement.


You may apply for this position via Malmö University’s recruitment system by clicking on the “Apply” button. As an applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that your application is completed in accordance with the advertisement, and that it is provided to the University no later than 2021-02-01. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that the University can read what is written in the application. If the application is not written in Swedish, English or any of the Nordic languages, the applicant is responsible for the application and its appendices being translated.

The educational qualifications may be documented with guidance from Qualifications portfolio for lecturers/researchers at Malmö University. 

See also Appointment Rules at Malmö University.

Books and any other documents, such as publications, that cannot be sent electronically should be sent in triplicate in an envelope marked with reference number REK 2020/276 and posted to the HR Department, Malmö University, 205 06 Malmö. If the documents weigh more than 2 kg, they should be sent to the delivery address: HR Department, Malmö University, Matrosgatan 1, 211 18 Malmö, marked with reference number REK 2020/276.

The application must include:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Doctoral degree certificate
  • Copies of other relevant certificates
  • Educational letter of intent
  • A brief account of scientific, educational and other activities relevant to the position to which the application pertains, including a description of how the applicant envisions their future research and teaching.
  • List of scientific and educational work
  • The primary scientific and educational work being cited (maximum three of each)


This position as full-time Associate Senior Lecturer is, in accordance to the Higher Education Ordinance, limited for a period of five years, with the possibility of being promoted to a permanent position as Senior Lecturer if the requirements are met.

Promotion to Senior lecturer

An associate Senior Lecturer who is employed according to the rules in the Higher Education Ordinance must, on application, be promoted to Senior Lecturer at the higher education institution, if they

  1. is eligible for employment as a Senior Lecturer, and
  2. is assessed as suitable for such an appointment in accordance with the assessment criteria that the higher education institution has decided

Malmö University is a workplace and higher education institution that is characterised by an open and inclusive approach, where gender equality and equal terms add value to our activities.

Malmö University applies individual salary setting.

Start date

2021-09-01 or by earliest convenience and agreement.

Union representatives

SACO-S, Rebecka Johansson,

OFR, Martin Reissner,

We are looking forward to receiving your application!