Associate Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law

Application deadline:
1 February, 2021


Uppsala University is a comprehensive research-intensive university with a strong international standing. Our ultimate goal is to conduct education and research of the highest quality and relevance to make a long-term difference in society. Our most important assets are all the individuals whose curiosity and dedication make Uppsala University one of Sweden’s most exciting workplaces. Uppsala University has 45,000 students, 7,000 employees and a turnover of SEK 7 billion.

Department of Business Studies is a large working place with approx. 140 employees and over 2,000 students. The Department conducts extensive third cycle education and has approx. 40 PhD students enrolled. The Department’s research profile covers all the various subfields of business studies such as international business, marketing, organisation, accounting, finance, and entrepreneurship. The Department also hosts the law and business / commercial law unit.

Commercial law, interpreted as studies in law and business, is a law discipline with a social sciences approach. The organisational positioning of the law and business unit at the Department of Business Studies, and the Faculty of Social Sciences, brings the unit into proximity with economic sciences and in particular with business studies. This creates opportunities for cross-disciplinary cooperation in teaching and in research. The law and business unit endeavours to develop such cross-disciplinary cooperation.

In the context of this effort, the unit has applied for and has been granted a large contribution intended for crossover research in law and business. The project concerns uses of artificial intelligence in technical applications designed to assist e.g. investment firms with documentation and reporting required under law (so-called RegTech). The Department of Business Studies is therefore calling for applications to a position as Associate Senior Lecturer. The successful applicant will join the research team formed for this project. The team will also comprise e.g. two PhD students. The project will be part of a larger context of research in the Department, Uppsala University, and The Wallenberg Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS).

Period of employment: The post of Associate Senior Lecturer may be held for up to five years with the possibility of promotion to Senior Lecturer. The criteria for promotion to Senior Lecturer can be found here: Föreskrifter för befordran and Complementary guidelines for the University´s Appointment regulations. 

Duties: Research and teaching within law and business / commercial law. Research duties include co-managing the project ”AI-based RegTech” alongside the director of research. Duties will also include participation in activities arranged by WASP-HS. Duties furthermore include to contribute to further general development of research activities in AI and in law and business.

Teaching includes course coordination, supervision and course administration. Employment may also include administrative tasks. Teaching comprises up to 20 percent of the position as Associate Senior Lecturer.

Qualifications required: To be eligible for employment as an associate senior lecturer, applicants must hold a PhD or have achieved equivalent scientific expertise and must meet the requirements for teaching skills. Preferably, the applicant will have completed a PhD or achieved equivalent expertise no more than five years before the application deadline. The applicant should have completed five weeks of department-relevant teacher training at the higher education level, or be deemed to have equivalent knowledge.

It is required that the applicant’s pedagogical skills, scientific competence and professional skills are relevant to the subject content of the position and the tasks that are to be included in the position.

Under Uppsala University’s appointment regulations, it is also a general eligibility requirement that teachers possess the personal qualities necessary to capably perform the duties of the post.

Applicants must have the ability to teach in Swedish or English. Any appointee who is only proficient in one of these languages at the start of employment must acquire a capacity to also teach in the other language within five years.

Assessment criteria: When selecting among eligible applicants, special emphasis will be placed on research expertise. Due to the nature of the post, as temporary employment with the potential for promotion to a permanent post, the applicant’s research and teaching qualifications will be assessed primarily in qualitative terms. An applicant’s quantitative advantage, i.e. an applicant who has been working for a longer period of time, will thus not be decisive.

Research expertise: Research expertise refers to research qualifications. In the assessment of research expertise, primary consideration will be given to research quality. Importance will also be given to the scope of research, in terms of both breadth and depth, and to the applicant’s usage of both qualitative and quantitative methods.

The Department of Business Studies endeavours to recruit faculty members with a research orientation which is such as to facilitate further development of cooperation between law and business studies and other research within the Faculty of Social Sciences, in particular with economic sciences and a fortiori with business studies. It therefore holds special merit for this position to have documented experience in such multi-, cross- and/or transdisciplinary research and cooperation. Moreover, it holds merit for this position to have documented experience in research concerning artificial intelligence, compliance management, and/or the financial markets.

Teaching expertise: Teaching expertise will be assessed as carefully as research expertise. Teaching skills refer to educational and teaching qualifications, and teaching quality will be the prime consideration. The scope of teaching experience, in terms of both breadth and depth, will also be afforded consideration.

Administrative skills and other proficiencies are also significant to the post and will be given due weight. Administrative skills are demonstrated, among other things, through the ability to plan, organise and prioritise work effectively and in a purpose-adapted manner. Attention will also be given to the applicant’s ability to interact with both the scientific community and the community at large.

Additionally, special emphasis will be placed on the applicant’s potential to contribute to the future development of both research and education.

Qualifications should be documented so that both quality and scope can be assessed.

When Uppsala University appoints new teachers, the applicants selected are those who, following a qualitative total assessment of expertise and merits, are judged to have the best potential to carry out and develop the relevant duties and contribute to a positive development of the department.

The Recruitment Group may in this recruitment come to use interviews, trial-lectures and referrals. The applicant should therefore submit a list of referees with insight into the applicant’s professional skill as well as personal qualities that may be of relevance for the position, e.g. ability to cooperate, ability to lead and working methods.

Personal circumstances (such as full or part-time parental leave, trade union appointments, military service, or other) that may benefit the applicants in the assessment of qualifications should be included in the list of qualifications and experience (Curriculum Vitae).

How to apply: A complete application should be submitted to Uppsala University’s on-line recruitment portal. It should comprise:

  • Letter of application
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • List of appendices
  • Account of academic qualifications
  • List of publications
  • Account of teaching qualifications
  • Account of other qualifications
  • Academic works and any educational works being brought to bear
  • List of referees

Instructions to applicants for appointment as associate senior lecturer

Note! Applications and appendices must be submitted digitally on the recruitment portal My Network. Any cited publications that are not in digital format must be sent in three copies to the Faculty of Social Sciences, Uppsala University, Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala. Please clearly mark the envelope/package with the reference number UFV-PA 2020/4092.