PhD student in History of Media and Environment

School of Architecture and Built Environment at KTH

Application deadline:
1 April, 2021
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Project description

Third-cycle subjectHistory of science, technology and environment

The doctoral student will work in a new field combining media and environmental history, critical media theory, environmental humanities and social sciences with the study of Artificial Intelligence and autonomous systems. The field aims to develop an understanding for how environments are created through data collecting and processing, as well as for questions of access, use and ownership of data and knowledge of the environment. The field studies how environmental science that engages AI and autonomous systems affects the understanding of environmental change, sustainability, and governance. The position is part of WASP-HS.

We look for a motivated doctoral student interested in environmental history combined with the study of AI and autonomous systems, and with a background in history of science and technology and/or media theory.

Supervision: The doctoral student will be supervised by Prof Nina Wormbs.