PhD Students in Business Studies: AI-based RegTech

Uppsala University

Application deadline:
31 March, 2021

This project is funded by The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS). The project will include an associate senior lecturer and two PhD students who will study AI applications in the financial markets, and more particularly AI applications designed to help financial businesses comply with abundant statutory requirements on risk management and reporting. Businesses in the financial markets are in the midst of a period of overwhelming legislative activity from multiple levels of norm-making in Europe and internationally. The tendency in new legislation has been to introduce ever more detailed control, supervision and enforcement. This situation has created a surge in the market for advanced data services for compliance management, i.e. managing compliance with regulation (but also with business codes, contracts, and ethical standards), known as RegTech. The most advanced of these applications are based on artificial intelligence algorithms. However, AI-based RegTech also raises questions and concerns, perhaps most importantly with regard to the very purpose of reporting standards and internal monitoring. This project will produce empirical results and develop theory for an informed discussion on what uses of AI-based RegTech in the financial markets do indeed serve the purposes of legislative and ethical policies, and what uses do not.

Number of positions: 2

Note: Because of the legal aspects of the projects, it is a merit for applicants to hold a university degree in law.