Human-Centered AI for Health, Autonomy and Wellbeing

This project aims at developing tools and methods to support participatory data-driven design for health. Of particular interest are processes of transition and/or rehabilitation, where data-driven systems will play a role in supporting individuals or communities in transformative processes towards achieving wellbeing.  

One outcome of this project will be the development of tools that allow interaction designers and engineers to explore the range of possible interactions with biodata, together with end-users. These tools develop more inclusive ways of relating to data, ultimately resulting in data-driven technology that works with a wider plurality of bodies and ways of moving and being in the world.

Another outcome is methodological, where design methods will be developed to consider everyday practices as a unit of design when it comes to designing with and through data, enabling reflection on ethical issues around the use of data and AI for both personal and societal applications, and allowing interdisciplinary teams to engage critically with data and data analytic tools, in dialogue with end-users and other stakeholders.

Principal Investigator(s)

Pedro Sanches. Assistant Professor, Umeå University

Pedro Sanches
Assistant Professor, Umeå University

1 November 2021 until 1 November 2026