The New Scientific Revolution? AI and Big Data in Biomedicine

New digital tools, methods, and infrastructures are currently creating a flood of data that researchers want to utilize and analyze. In order to manage this growing flood, many researchers in biosciences have high hopes for new methods utilizing artificial intelligence.

There are massive investments being made in AI technology such as machine learning and deep learning within the biosciences. Established scientific truths about how the world works could with these developments be challenged or even be overturned by AI-based analyses. AI and machine learning thereby appear to bring the promise of a brand new way to gain knowledge about the world.

A research project at Uppsala University led by Francis Lee will study this development with particular focus on the consequences of introducing artificial intelligence in biomedicine. What happens when human assessments and traditional scientific methods are supplemented with, and sometimes replaced by, AI technologies?

Principal Investigator(s)

Francis Lee

Francis Lee
Associate Professor, Chalmers University

Project Member(s)

Shai Mulinari
Lund University

1 January 2020 until 31 December 2024
Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation