Projects funded in 2020

10 humanities and social science projects in AI and autonomous systems receive funding by Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation and two by Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation totaling SEK 69.8 million. Together with the 16 projects funded in 2019, and three affiliated projects, the WASP-HS program includes 31 research projects.

The program WASP-HS conducts 31 research projects that form an interdisciplinary community across a number of Swedish universities.
First group of 16 projects was funded in 2019, see full list (or the list below).
Second group of 12 projects was funded in 2020, see full list.
Third group of 3 affiliated projects, see full list.

Two projects within Humanities granted by Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg

Culturally Informed Robots in Learning Activities (CIRILA)
Principal investigator: Olov Engwall, Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Quantifying Culture: A Study of AI and Cultural Heritage Collections
Principal investigator: Anna Foka, Associate Professor, Uppsala University

Ten projects within Social Sciences granted by Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation

The Global Governance of Artificial Intelligence
Principal investigator: Jonas Tallberg, Professor, Stockholm University

AI in motion: Studying the social world of autonomous vehicles
Principal investigator: Barry Brown, Professor, Stockholm University

A study of AI as a new strategic imperative; challenging existing strategies, business models and organizational processes
Principal investigator: Per Andersson, Professor, Stockholm School of Economics

Artificial intelligence and industrial transformation: Who will survive the technology shift in Sweden?
Principal investigator: Mats Engwall, Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

AI and Automated systems and the Right to Health – Revisiting law accounting for the exploitation of users preferences and values
Principal investigator: Ana Nordberg, Associate senior lecturer, Lund University

AI-Driven Contextual Communication: Implications for Citizens and Society
Principal investigator: Johanna Björklund, Associate Professor, Umeå University

Cyborg Politics: A study of artificial agents in online democratic deliberation
Principal investigator: Simon Lindgren, Professor, Umeå University

AI and the Artistic Imaginary: Socio-cultural consequences and challenges of creative-AI technology
Principal investigator: André Holzapfel, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

AI and the Financial Markets: Accountability and Risk Management with Legal Tools
Principal investigator: Magnus Strand, Associate Professor, Uppsala University

Ethical and Legal Challenges in Relationship to AI-driven Practices in Higher Education
Principal investigator: Associate Professor Teresa Cerratto Pargman, Stockholm University