Projects funded in 2019

Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation has granted SEK 96 million to be shared by 16 research projects studying the impact of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems on our society and our behaviour. The 16 projects are distributed across nine universities and institutions around Sweden. 

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List of projects funded in 2019:

The imperfect creator creating the perfect: Ethics for autonomous systems/AI
Principal investigator: Christian Balkenius, Professor, Lund University

The rise of social drones: A constructive design research agenda
Principal investigator: Morten Fjeld, Professor, Chalmers University of Technology

Bias and methods of AI technology studying political behavior
Principal investigator: Annika Fredén, Senior Lecturer, Karlstad University

Ethics as enacted through movement – shaping and being shaped by autonomous systems
Principal investigator: Kristina Höök, Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Professional trust and autonomous systems
Principal investigator: Jonas Ivarsson, Professor, University of Gothenburg

Quantum law: The legal significance of quantum computing
Principal investigator: Valentin Jeutner, Associate Senior Lecturer, Associate professor, Lund University

The ethics and social consequences of AI & caring robots. Learning trust, empathy and accountability
Principal investigator: Ericka Johnson, Professor, Linköping University

BioMe: Existential challenges and ethical imperatives of biometric AI in everyday lifeworlds
Principal investigator: Amanda Lagerkvist, Professor, Uppsala University

The emergence of complex intelligent systems and the future of management
Principal investigator: Nicolette Lakemond, Professor, Linköping University

AI transparency and consumer trust
Principal investigator: Stefan Larsson, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, Lund University

The new scientific revolution? AI and big data in biomedicine
Principal investigator: Francis Lee, Associate Professor, Chalmers University of Technology

Artificial Intelligence, democracy and human dignity
Principal investigator: Anna-Sara Lind, Professor, Uppsala University

Digital companions as social actors: Employing socially intelligent systems for managing stress and improving emotional wellbeing
Principal investigator: Helena Lindgren, Professor, Umeå University

The labor-market impact of firm-level adoption of AI and autonomous systems
Principal investigator: Oskar Nordström Skans, Professor, Uppsala University

Gothenburg research initiative for politically emergent systems (GRIPES)
Principal investigator: Asad Basheer Sayeed, Senior Lecturer, University of Gothenburg

Predicting the diffusion of AI-applications
Principal investigator: Pontus Strimling, Associate Professor, Institute for Future Studies