WASP-HS Projects meeting

Welcome to join an online meeting of all WASP-HS projects and those affiliated with WASP-HS! During the meeting, the PIs of the projects will present their current progress and results. The meeting is open to all projects’ members (PIs, researchers, PhD students etc).

Date: 30 September 2020

Time: 09.30-16.00

Online via Zoom: Before the meeting, please assure that your Zoom version is 5.3.0 (52651.0920) or later.


09.30-10.45Introduction by Virginia Dignum, WASP-HS program director

Keynote on “Multidisciplinary Aspects of Trust” by Prof. Cristiano Castelfranchi (CNR, Italy)

11.00-11.30Project presentations: ‘’Ethics’’
– The imperfect creator creating the perfect: Ethics for autonomous systems/AI
– Ethics as enacted through movement – shaping and being shaped by autonomous systems
– The ethics and social consequences of AI & caring robots. Learning trust, empathy and accountability
– BioMe: Existential challenges and ethical imperatives of biometric AI in everyday lifeworlds

11.30-12.00Project presentations: ‘’Health’’
– The new scientific revolution? AI and big data in biomedicine
– Digital companions as social actors: Employing socially intelligent systems for managing stress and improving the emotional wellbeing
– The rise of social drones: A constructive design research agenda
– Professional trust and autonomous systems

12.30-13.00Project presentations: ”Society’’
– Artificial Intelligence, democracy, and human dignity
– AI transparency and consumer trust
– Predicting the diffusion of AI-applications
– The emergence of complex intelligent systems and the future of management

13.00-13.30Project presentations: ‘’Democracy’’
– Gothenburg research initiative for politically emergent systems (GRIPES)
– The labor-market impact of firm-level adoption of AI and autonomous systems
– Bias and methods of AI technology studying political behavior
– Quantum law: The legal significance of quantum computing

13.45-14-45Discussion groups.
The aim of each room is to identify possible ideas for collaboration projects, what kind of support instruments would be needed to realize that collaboration, and which partners outside WASP-HS would be relevant (e.g. WASP, but also public or private organisations).  

Suggested topics:
– Trust as a multidisciplinary topic
– Human-AI / society-AI interaction
– Policy and ethics
– Collaboration as the focus of research
– AI in media and communication
– Open topic room
14.45-15.30Plenary discussion  
15.30Information on coming activities and calls  

For further questions please email to contact@wasp-hs.org.