Seminar Series

The WASP-HS Seminar Series is a series of seminars first and foremost dedicated to our WASP-HS PhD students although everyone within the WASP-HS community is more than welcome to share their own opinions and experiences on the topics.

Undisciplined AI Ethics – Seminar Series Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 seminar series is themed Undisciplined AI Ethics and is coordinated by Professor Teresa Cerrato-Pargman, Stockholm University, and Professor Amanda Lagerqvist, Uppsala University.


20 October – Studying Ethics and AI
How do we conceptualize ethics and technologies in order to study its meanings and importance in the realm of autonomous systems? What approaches do we need to develop to engage with ethics and AI?
Confirmed speakers: Amanda Lagerkvist, Uppsala University; Charles Ess, University of Oslo

10 November – Views of Ethics and Autonomous Systems
How do we view/engage with the ethics of AI systems? What are the frameworks, perspectives, concepts and empirical methods we use to work with ethics and autonomous systems?
Confirmed speakers: Kia Höök, KTH; Jacek Smolicki, Uppsala University

8 December – Ethics + Innovation = True?
How do we innovate with AI in responsible ways? What are the challenges of innovating responsibly?
Confirmed speakers: Virginia Dignum, Umeå University; David Ryan Polgar, the founder of All tech is human.

19 January – Relationships between Law, Ethics and AI
Confirmed speakers: Jenny Eriksson Lundström, Uppsala University; Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg, Stockholm University