Upcoming Call for NetX:
Networking Excellence Projects in the Humanities and Social Sciences for the Study of Consequences and Challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems 

Submissions will open April 20 – Submission deadline is June 15

The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program on Humanities and Society (WASP-HS) aims to develop competence and realize excellent research about the consequences and challenges of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems for humanity and society. NetX is a network initiative that aims to advance groundbreaking scientific cooperation between researchers at different universities and between researchers and external partners. Project proposals should address an issue of highest priority for the goals and vision of WASP-HS that requires the gathered competence of a multidisciplinary or cross-sectorial team. The proposed research must be novel and original, of international academic significance and of societal relevance. Special funds are allocated for proposals that focus explicitly on excellent humanities research and/or are collaborations with relevant WF programs.


  • Per project, WASP-HS provides funding for 1 or 2 positions at PhD or postdoc level and one package for supervision and project operational costs.
  • PhDs and postdocs are expected to share their time between the partner organisations, spending at least 20% fte at each organisation.
  • A researcher may be PI in at most one proposal and co-PI in at most one other proposal. The same group of PI:s and co-PI:s can submit at most one proposal.
  • When applying for the funding of 2 positions, the position must be employed at different faculties or institutes.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Scientific excellence and international significance of proposal 
  • Excellence of transdisciplinary and/or cross-sectorial approach 
  • Priority of the research for the vision and goals of WASP-HS
  • Novelty and originality of proposal 
  • Merits of the applicants and ability of the team to conduct the proposed research 
  • Societal relevance and timeliness of the proposed research 
  • Potential to strengthen basic research within the humanities or social sciences 
  • Potential to contribute to the resolution of societal challenges 

More Information

Information meetings about the call will be held online on 5 April at 10:00 and 11 April at 15:00.

Please register here for the meeting on 5 April and here for the meeting on 11 April.