Across the Globe

WASP-HS is dedicated to ensuring robust global relevance to empower capacity building and skill development, not just within the borders of Sweden, but across the entire globe. The commitment to globalization is achieved through a network of collaborative efforts, enriching experiences, and expansive partnerships.

International Collaborations

Through strategic collaborations with renowned international universities, WASP-HS is extending the reach of our program far beyond Sweden’s borders. These partnerships bring together diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise, enriching the learning journey for all involved.

Distinguished Guest Professors

The program hosts esteemed guest professors and postdoctoral researchers from around the world, adding invaluable insights and perspectives to the WASP-HS curriculum. This infusion of diverse viewpoints broadens horizons and cultivates a deeper understanding of the complex challenges faced by society today.

International Trips

As part of the WASP-HS’s commitment to internationalization, the program facilitate immersive trips for the PhD students enrolled in the WASP-HS Graduate School. The study trips offer PhD students the opportunity to experience different cultures, practices, and technological landscapes. These trips do not only expand horizons but also foster a global mindset, preparing the PhD students to thrive in a world that knows no borders.

Global Reach of WASP-HS Researchers

The researchers within the program actively engage with the global academic community by participating in prominent events and conferences. By sharing their groundbreaking research findings and engaging in meaningful discussions, they contribute to strengthening international networks and advancing the frontiers of knowledge.