PI Meeting 2024

Arlanda Airport Stockholm

The PI meeting on 12 March is a meeting for all principal investigators within WASP-HS. The aim of the meeting is to generate ideas and suggestions to help usher in a successful second half for WASP-HS, leaving a strong and lasting legacy beyond the current program period. The meeting will take place at Arlanda Airport, […]

AI and Cyber Security

Online via Zoom

There are frequent examples in the news of where both individuals and organisations are subjected to cyber-attacks. Individuals, public organisations, and industry are dependent on their digital infrastructures. Protecting these from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access requires methods, technologies and processes that guard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems, networks and data. While cyber […]

Summer School 2024

Welcome to the fourth annual WASP-HS Summer School, in collaboration with WASP WARA! This year's program promises an enriching experience, offering a unique opportunity to expand your research network within the vibrant WASP-HS and WASP communities. Focused on the domain of Generative AI, the week-long summer school will immerse PhD students in hands-on activities and […]

AI for Humanity and Society 2024

Linholmen Conference Centre Lindholmspiren 5, Gotheburg, Sweden

Creating Shared AI FuturesThe prevailing media narratives often depict a bleak future, marked by escalating conflicts, an impending climate crisis, and the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence. Such depictions can foster a sense of helplessness, making it difficult to envision a way forward. However, it is crucial to challenge this sense of inevitability by exploring […]