AI and Media

Chalmers University, Umeå University, Electronic Arts/DICE Office, Online via Zoom

AboutProgramRegistrationMoreWASP-HS Community Reference Meetings (CRMs) are dedicated for public and private organizations in Sweden for the purpose to learn about challenges and questions of their interest, and for WASP-HS to share recent research development within the program in order to identify opportunities for collaboration in different sectors. This CRM is in collaboration with WASP Research Arenas – Media […]

AI for Humanity and Society 2022

Grand Hõtel Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8, Stockholm

Dreams, Realities, and Futures:Risks and Consequences of AI in Formative TimesWelcome to the third WASP-HS Conference on AI, Humanity and Society – a meeting place for dialogue on the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems with a strong focus on research in humanities and social science. Artificial intelligence (AI) has never been so topical […]

Winter Conference 2023

Chalmersska huset Södra Hamngatan 11, Gothenburg, 411 14

Welcome to the fourth annual Winter Conference! The WASP-HS Winter Conference is an internal conference dedicated to the WASP-HS Community and the PhD students in particular. It is a three day conference from 15 to 17 February, which this year will take place at Chamersska huset in Gothenburg. All WASP-HS PhD students are invited to […]

PI Meeting 2023

Radisson Blu Airport Terminal Hotel SkyCity, Arlanda

WASP-HS has since the start in 2019 been through an impressive period of growth. Today the program consists of 34 research projects (directly funded by MAW and MMW), 9 collaborative research projects, 10 affiliated projects, 6 Guest Professors, 11 Assistant Professors and 74 PhD Students. Behind these numbers both groundbreaking knowledge production and an impressive […]

AI, Education and Children

Online via Zoom

AboutProgramRegistrationMoreWASP-HS Community Reference Meetings (CRMs) are meeting places for Swedish private and public organisations and WASP-HS researchers. Each meeting has a specially selected theme with the aim of bringing business and research together to expand knowledge and strengthen collaboration. This particular Community Reference Meeting regards the challenges and opportunities of AI concerning education and children.  AI […]

AI, Sustainability and Agenda 2030

Online via Zoom

AboutProgramRegistrationMoreWASP-HS Community Reference Meetings (CRMs) are a space for learning and collaboration, providing public and private organizations in Sweden opportunities to learn about challenges and questions of their interest, and for WASP-HS to share recent research development within the program and identify opportunities for collaboration.  Multidisciplinary collaborations that extend beyond the realm of technology play a crucial […]

AI for Humanity and Society 2023

Malmö Live i Malmö, Malmö, Skåne, Sweden

Living with AI– Critical Questions for the Social Sciences and HumanitiesAs we face an increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in everyday practices, it becomes more critical than ever to examine how AI affects our lives and society. Researchers in the social sciences and humanities have made essential observations and analyses on this topic. Yet, […]

Winter Conference 2024

Umeå University Linnaeus väg 49, Umeå, Sweden

Welcome to the fourth annual WASP-HS Winter Conference! The conference is intended for the WASP-HS community including the PhD students and supervisors. PhD students within WASP-HS are invited to contribute to the Winter Conference either with a poster, a talk and by participating in a workshop on one (or two, if possible) of the six […]

PI Meeting 2024

Arlanda Airport Stockholm

The PI meeting on 12 March is a meeting for all principal investigators within WASP-HS. The aim of the meeting is to generate ideas and suggestions to help usher in a successful second half for WASP-HS, leaving a strong and lasting legacy beyond the current program period. The meeting will take place at Arlanda Airport, […]

AI and Cyber Security

Online via Zoom

There are frequent examples in the news of where both individuals and organisations are subjected to cyber-attacks. Individuals, public organisations, and industry are dependent on their digital infrastructures. Protecting these from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access requires methods, technologies and processes that guard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems, networks and data. While cyber […]