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Business and Politics of AI


Course coordinators and main teachers: Jonas Tallberg, Stockholm University, Per Andersson, Stockholm School of Economics
Dates: November 25-27
Venue: Stockholm
Limit of students:

Course Introduction

The goal of the course is to provide you with an introduction to contemporary  AI research in the two fields of politics and business management. In doing this, we will focus on different theoretical and empirical approaches to how AI affects different areas of concern in these two fields. Much of our seminar discussions will focus on identifying and discussing interesting research questions that are in focus of this emerging research and literature.

Course Requirements

The course requirements are three-fold: 1) class participation (two full days), 2) a three-page reflection paper, presenting reflections on the articles and theme of ONE of the four parts in the course (Business I or Business II, Politics I, Politics II), and 3) an individual final paper.

Participation in two-day seminar

Regular attendance and participation in the two days of seminars is required for completion of the course. We cover twelve articles in the course and you should complete the assigned readings and written reflection assignment prior to the start of the course.

Writing and presenting a short reflection paper

This reflection assignment should be completed Friday the 25th of November to the relevant seminar session. Your written report (3 pages) should:

(a) provide a brief synthesis of the assigned literature

(b) offer reflections on aspects that you find particularly intriguing, for instance, in view of your own research

(c) present a set of questions worthy of further discussion

These reflections should be sent to (see emails above):

Per Andersson and Christopher Rosenqvist: Business I and Business II reflections

Jonas Tallberg and Magnus Lundgren: Politics I and Politics II reflections

Participants will be informed in good time before the course which of the four seminars that he/she will be assigned to reflect on. (Around 4-5 people/seminar.)

Individual final paper

This paper should relate to one or several of the foundational areas we cover in the four seminars and expand on an aspect of the politics and/or business of AI that you find particularly intriguing. Feel free to link to your own area of specialization or use the opportunity to satisfy your newfound curiosity in an issue you have not previously explored. The paper should be approximately five pages in length (Times New Roman 12, double spacing).

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