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Explaining Intelligence

2,5 ECTS

Date: 24-26 September, 3 days, from lunch to lunch

Registration deadline: 1 August 2024

Venue: LUX building at Helgonavägen 3, 22362 Lund

Teaching methods: Lectures and seminars

Examination: A written paper summarising the literature. The paper should be six pages in a two column format. You will receive a template for the paper prior to the course together with further instructions.

Paper deadline
The examination paper should be submitted to christian.balkenius@lucs.lu.se. Please use the subject “Explaining Intelligence Paper” for the e-mail. More instructions will be provided closer to the course.

Course coordinator: Christian Balkenius, Lund University

Extracurricular activities: TBD

The course Explaining Intelligence gives a brief historical background to the study of natural and artificial intelligence and introduces the two main approaches today to intelligence and cognition

(1) intelligence as information processing and
(2) intelligence as an embodied process embedded in the environment and shaped by infrastructure and artefacts.

The aim is to develop an understanding of the practical consequences of adopting either approach for the integration of AI and autonomous systems into society and the form human-AI interaction will take. The interdisciplinary course lays the foundation for studying AI well as human intelligence and behavior.
The interdisciplinary course will touch on topics from psychology, cognitive science, philosophy, computer science, and neuroscience to give a comprehensive understanding of intelligence.

The main research directions that will be described are
• Thinking as symbol manipulation
• Connectionism
• Dynamic models of thinking
• The extended mind
• The predictive brain

After the course the student will be able to:
• understand the arguments for the different views on intelligence
• understand the relationship between artificial intelligence and the cognitive sciences
• explain and discuss different research directions
• understand the consequences of using the different views on intelligence
• work with an interdisciplinary material


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