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Ethical, Legal and Social Impact of AI and AS


Date: April 15-16

Place: Uppsala University, Uppsala

Teaching Methods: Lectures and seminars

Examination: Paper

Course Coordinator(s): Virginia Dignum, Umeå University, Magnus Strand, Uppsala University, Anna-Sara Lind, Uppsala University

Course description

The course concerns the societal, ethical and legal demands and implications associated with AI and autonomous systems in society, and the use of these techniques for legal and policy making purposes. Topics include risk management and safety, in particular in relation to learning systems, risks and possibilities in the use of AI in decision making, as well as questions about transparency, responsibility, accountability and liability. The course also addresses the implications of AI and autonomous systems for human wellbeing, welfare, and environmental sustainability. Several guest lecturers will cover the width of topics (philosophy, law). This is a joint course of WASP-HS and WASP.


Examination: class attendance + final assignment applying ELSE principles to own research project

Course coordinator: Virginia Dignum, Umeå, Magnus Strand, Uppsala, Andreas Theodorou, Uppsala

Literature: Virginia Dignum (2019). Responsible Artificial Intelligence: How to Develop and Use AI in a Responsible Way. Springer Nature. Diverse chapters and articles

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