Ethical, Legal, and Social Impact of AI and AS 

: Spring 2024


Place: Uppsala University

Teaching Methods: Lectures and seminars

Examination: Paper

Course Coodinator(s): Virginia Dignum, Umeå University and Magnus Strand, Uppsala University

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Course syllabus

The course introduces the fundamental aspects of AI governance by providing a holistic multidisciplinary view of the discipline. The course structure is such as to introduce students to the impact AI systems have on societies and individuals and ongoing state-of-the-art discussions related to ELS aspects of AI. This introduction will be followed by a critical discussion of where accountability and responsibility lie for ethical, legal, and social impacts of AI systems, considering decision points throughout the development and deployment pipeline. With this knowledge in mind, students will be introduced to socio-technical approaches for the governance, monitoring and control of intelligent systems as tools for incorporating constraints into intelligent system design. Finally, learners apply these skills to a simulated responsible AI design problem. 


Registration is closed for Spring 2023. Next time the course runs is spring 2024.