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AI and Cyber Security

March 26 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm

There are frequent examples in the news of where both individuals and organisations are subjected to cyber-attacks. Individuals, public organisations, and industry are dependent on their digital infrastructures. Protecting these from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access requires methods, technologies and processes that guard the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of computer systems, networks and data.

While cyber security is currently a research topic engaging primarily computer scientists and data specialists to develop secure systems, the human side of digital infrastructures is fundamental to all cyber security. Many of the biggest cyber security threats are fundamentally social, and target humans that are using or running the infrastructures. For example, phishing attacks where humans are lured to divulge information or poor password practices such as putting passwords on notes under keyboards. People are frequently subjected to various kinds of phishing attacks that may deceive people into sharing private information or money, often targeted towards older persons and children. The consequences of attacks and unauthorized access can be profoundly detrimental as society’s digital infrastructures are instrumental to provide healthcare, municipality services, transportation, power supply, and economical transactions. Authorities and healthcare need to manage and protect sensitive, personal information, adhering to regulations governing person data.

AI and Cyber Security Community Reference Meeting

On 26 March, WASP-HS welcomes representatives from the business sector and researchers to discuss how issues of cyber-security are affected by artificial intelligence (AI) and vice versa. The event serves as a bridge between researchers and theoretical experts on the topic and the business sector with hands on expertise.

The discussions taking place during the event will be summarised and published in a report, available for all. See previous reports based on WASP-HS Community Reference Meetings.


13.00-13.05 Introduction

13.05-13.45 Keynote and Q&A
Staffan Truvé, CTO and co-founder of Recorded Futured

13.45-14.45 Breakout room discussions

14.45-15.00 Joint wrap-up for discussions

15.00-15.20 Keynote and Q&A
Charles Berret, Postdoctoral fellow in critical data visualization at Linköping University

15.20-15.30 End of the CRM


Staffan Truvé
CTO and co-founder of Recorded Futured

AI for Cyber Security
This talk will focus on how large scale data collection from the internet and AI based analytics can help predict and prevent cyber attacks.

charles berret

Charles Berret
Postdoctoral fellow in critical data visualization at Linköping University

The Drawbridge Model of Cryptographic Communication: A Framework for Sociocultural Analysis of Information Security
This talk introduces a multistage framework to categorize and analyze forms of information security based on different conditions of success and failure in communication. Whether we’re talking about PGP, invisible ink, or quantum cryptography, information security has always been a matter of designing some means of selecting who gets signal and who gets only noise. Different forms of information security thus serve as means of selectively mediating conditions of communication failure in distinct cases, including those that have or will be impacted by AI. Because this framework is rooted in sociocultural analysis, the framework can be highly flexible and medium-agnostic, explaining how historical forms of information security work as well as offering a way to theorize emerging forms of information security. This is particularly salient at the intersection of cybersecurity and AI because the affordances and vulnerabilities made possible by AI advances will demand expansive frameworks that view communication processes in sociocultural as well as technical terms.


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March 26
1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
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