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Excellent opportunity to do groundbreaking research

Published: December 16, 2019

Morten Fjeld and Sara Ljungblad are project leaders for the WASP-HS project The rise of social drones: A constructive design research agenda.

What’s your view of being a part of WASP-HS?

This is an excellent opportunity to do groundbreaking research. In WASP-HS, we aim to share our knowledge of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and to learn about AI and autonomous systems from a variety of research and societal perspectives.  

What are your expectations on WASP-HS?

A fantastic network of people who study technology from a humanistic perspective using empirical methodologies. Our goal is that we can research both possibilities and limitations of AI and autonomous systems, including risks for the society. We also hope to contribute to a deeper understanding of using drone technology.

What do you want your own project to lead to?

Our aim is that we will better understand individual and societal perspectives of autonomous drone technology. Using critical design methods, we also aim to address diversity aspects of autonomous systems.

PhD position related to the project:
Human-Computer Interaction; user experience research
Human-Computer Interaction; human-centered design

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