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WASP-HS Workshop in conjunction with the conference AI for Humanity and Society 2023

Living with AI in Education – Mapping Future Pathways

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is entering the classroom and is expected to increasingly being used in schools and universities in Sweden and around the world. Educators, researchers, policy-makers and other stakeholders must engage to ensure fair and effective support for teachers and students. Consequently, more thought needs to go into the risks and opportunities of AI, which consider teachers’ working conditions in educational  contexts, allocation of resources to schools, business interests over those of teachers and learners, and socioeconomic background of learners, among other factors.

The call for participation in this free-of-charge 3-hour workshop is open to a diverse audience, including teachers, trainers, policy-makers, education consultants, academics, students, researchers, educational software developers, and all who are interested in pedagogical innovation and future learning scenarios.

We invite participants to address the question What Macroenvironmental Factors are Likely to Influence the Impact of AI in Education? This scenario workshop aims to:

  • Widen participants’ perspectives to identify, interpret, and anticipate upcoming issues related to living with AI in education.
  • Stimulate dialogue among different stakeholders and foster future orientation and creativity.
  • Network a range of different stakeholders with an interest in AI and education

Participants will be able to engage in a scenario-building exercise to identify political, legal, economic, social, cultural, technological, and scientific contextual issues around the use of AI in education. Participants will be asked to think freely about three future scenarios set within 2030 (one optimistic, one pessimistic, and one mixed). At the end of the workshop, the organizers and the participants will reflect on what could be done to realize the opportunities and mitigate the risks.

Organizing Committee

Tiina Leino Lindell, Johan Lundin, Marisa Ponti (primary host), Marie Utterberg Modén
Department of Applied Information Technology, University of Gothenburg


Please note that in order to participate in this workshop you must also register for the conference via the event page. Registration for the conference opens on 15 August.

Prospective participants can submit a brief (one page or less) expression of interest, including their area of activity, why they are interested in the workshop, and their contact information. Applications should be emailed to marisa.ponti@ait.gu.se, with the subject: Application for the workshop Living with AI in Education, by May 31st (early registration). Registration will be closed when the number of participants – limited to 20 – is reached. All the applicants will be directly notified about the result.