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Meet Bijona Troqe – being in the field of AI

Published: September 29, 2020

In this blog post Bijona Troqe gives a brief view of her expectations now starting her PhD studies.

The WASP-HS graduate school addresses challenges and consequences of autonomous systems and AI in society. In end of September 2020 some 30+ PhD students from universities all over Sweden met online for the first days of the graduate school.

One of the participants in the graduate school is Bijona Troqe, PhD student at Linköping University, in the project The Role of Purpose-Driven Managerial Decision Making.

Here is her view on being in the field of AI:

Exploring societal and organisational AI

I am originally from Albania and I have a masters degree in Business Administration from Linköping University. I am specialized in organisational management and have accumulated a multidisciplinary professional experience, having worked in different industries including software development, manufacturing, and human rights. I have a major interest in innovation and technology, and recently I have been exploring societal and organisational aspect of AI. When I am not working on my research, I love being outdoors, hiking and going on road trips.

Complex intelligent systems

My expectations for this project are that it will contribute to decision-making effectiveness in the context of complex intelligent systems and hopefully offer guidelines for organizations to increase their purposely-driven operations in other technological and social areas in the future. Additionally, this research aims at ensuring that system building industries and AI-adopter countries like Sweden approach AI in a way that promotes opportunities and competitiveness in an ever-changing technological landscape.

A perfect opportunity

Pursuing a doctorate degree combines my passion for learning and scientific research. Being in the field of AI and innovation management, I have the perfect opportunity to be exposed to state of the art research and engage with talented researchers globally. My hope is to make a solid contribution that involves not only technological aspects, but organisational and societal too. Finally, being in the WASP-HS program gives me the unique chance to be part of a community of researchers and practitioners that share ideas and best practices in the field of responsible AI.

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