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Open Call

Open Call for Workshops

Deadline for the proposal is 1 April, 2024.

The Workshop Chairs and Jury are Associate Professor Marie Eneman (University of Gothenburg) and Professor Jan Ljungberg (University of Gothenburg).

Proposals should be sent to both:

Marie Eneman

Jan Ljungberg

For the WASP-HS annual conference on AI for Humanity and Society 2024, set to be held 19-20 November in Göteborg, we seek to ensure conversations and interaction among the diverse and vibrant WASP-HS community. Therefore, we invite you to submit workshop proposals to be held in conjunction with the conference on November 19 at 09-12.

The conference’s theme is “Creating Shared AI Futures”, indicating the need to critically reflect on emerging and possible applications of AI. The conference chairs for the AI for Humanity and Society conference 2024 are Professor Anna Foka (Uppsala University) and Professor Jonas Ivarsson (University of Gothenburg).

WASP-HS Workshops are intended to foster discussion and exchange of ideas. They are a gathering place for attendees with shared interests to meet to develop focused discussions; they also are an opportunity to find people who care about the same issues, questions, and research agendas as you and your research group.

WASP-HS workshops may address any topic relevant to the WASP-HS community, such as issues about interdisciplinary methods and methodologies, as well as topics like norms, ethics, fairness, policy, art, social media, innovation, democracy, finance, public sector, emerging AI applications, law, politics, gambling, geography, history, economics, etc.

Please submit a proposal for a workshop to be held in conjunction with the Annual WASP-HS conference, and include the following:

  • A tentative title of the workshop
  • The name and one-page CV of the primary host (can be anyone from PIs to postdocs or Ph.D. students)
  • A brief description of how the proposed workshop (i.e., the questions and topic) relates to the conference theme and the relevance to the WASP-HS community
  • A short description of how the workshop will be organized (e.g., require papers submitted beforehand; design-oriented; other),
  • The intended audience for the workshop (i.e., researchers, practitioners, developers, lawyers, policymakers, etc.),
  • A suggested room size (even if it may be hard to anticipate how many people may join the workshop),

The length of the workshop proposal is a maximum of two A4 pages.

As a goal, 5-7 workshops will be selected.

Submission of workshop proposals: April 1, 2024

Notification for acceptance: April 15, 2024

Open call for participation released by workshop organizers: May 1, 2024

Participant submissions are due: approximately September 15, 2024.

Criteria for Acceptance

Workshops proposals will be accepted based on an assessment of how compelling the workshop will likely be for WASP-HS attendees and the overall portfolio of proposed workshops. For this reason, no reviews for the workshops are sent to the authors.

In particular, the jury for the selection will consider the following aspects of the proposal:

  • The potential for the topic of the proposal to stimulate discussions relevant for the conference theme “Creating Shared AI Futures” and to the WASP-HS community
  • The multidisciplinary value of the workshop
  • Feasibility of the workshop