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WASP-HS Assistant Professor

Carl Öhman

Carl Öhman

As a WASP-HS Assistant Professor, Carl Öhman will reinforce the vision of WASP-HS by promoting excellence and integration within humanities and social sciences, support research continuity, and nurture a new generation of multidisciplinary scholars and professionals.


University of Gothenburg

Research Project

AI and Political Communication

The aim of Assistant Professor Carl Öhman’s research project is to explore the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on society, particularly in the realm of visual political communication. The project seeks to investigate how AI influences the dissemination and perception of political information, including the role of platform algorithms, automated accounts, and AI-generated content. The project also aims to address gaps in understanding the spread of image-based information, the dynamics of different publics’ perception and dissemination of information, and to develop innovative methodologies for studying these phenomena.