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WASP-HS Assistant Professor

Donal Casey

Donal Casey

As a WASP-HS Assistant Professor, Donal Casey will reinforce the vision of WASP-HS by promoting excellence and integration within humanities and social sciences, support research continuity, and nurture a new generation of multidisciplinary scholars and professionals.


Uppsala University

Research Project

AI Based Reg-Tech

The aim of Assistant Professor Donal Casey’s research project is to investigate the implications of AI-based RegTech in the financial markets, focusing on its impact on compliance management and risk monitoring. By examining the use of artificial intelligence algorithms in regulatory technology, the project seeks to assess their effectiveness in promoting transparency, accountability, and ethical standards in financial institutions. Ultimately, the goal is to provide empirical evidence for informed discussions on how AI-based RegTech aligns with legislative and ethical policies, and to propose more efficient methods for achieving regulatory compliance and ethical stringency in the financial sector.