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WASP-HS Assistant Professor

Lina Rahm

Lina Rahm

As a WASP-HS Assistant Professor, Lina Rahm will reinforce the vision of WASP-HS by promoting excellence and integration within humanities and social sciences, support research continuity, and nurture a new generation of multidisciplinary scholars and professionals.


KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Research Project

Media and Environment: Al and Autonomous Systems in Data-Based Environmental Research

The aim of Assistant Professor Lina Rahm’s research project is to establish a new interdisciplinary field focusing on AI and Autonomous Systems in data-based environmental research. It seeks to explore the implications of AI-driven environmental data gathering and modeling on our understanding of local and global environments, access to environmental data, and concepts of environmental vulnerability and sustainability. Through transdisciplinary research, the project aims to inform policy guidelines for environmental data governance and enhance democratic influence over environmental data-generation and utilization.