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WASP-HS Assistant Professor


Matilda Arvidsson

As a WASP-HS Assistant Professor, Matilda Arvidsson will reinforce the vision of WASP-HS by promoting excellence and integration within humanities and social sciences, support research continuity, and nurture a new generation of multidisciplinary scholars and professionals.


University of Gothenburg

Research Project

AI, the Social Contract and Democracy

The aim of Assistant Professor Matilda Arvidsson’s research project is to delve into the profound impact of AI on modern democracies, necessitating a conceptual reevaluation of the social contract. The project aims to investigate how intelligent algorithms reshape citizen representation, public deliberation, and governance structures, while proposing analytical frameworks to govern AI development in alignment with democratic principles. By addressing the complex interplay between technology and democracy, this research seeks to inform the design of AI systems that uphold transparency, accountability, and human rights within democratic societies.