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WASP-HS Assistant Professor


Pedro Sanches

As a WASP-HS Assistant Professor, Pedro Sanches will reinforce the vision of WASP-HS by promoting excellence and integration within humanities and social sciences, support research continuity, and nurture a new generation of multidisciplinary scholars and professionals.


UmeƄ University

Research Project

Human-Centered AI for Health, Autonomy and Wellbeing

The aim of Assistant Professor Pedro Sanches’ research project is to focus on human-centered AI for health, autonomy, and wellbeing, considering the individual’s perspective in everyday situations. The project seeks to explore how AI-based systems influence health and wellbeing, and how individuals can collaborate with these systems to improve their autonomy and wellbeing. Additionally, it aims to address concerns related to autonomy, behavior change, social companionship, collaboration with AI systems, and design methodology for adaptive AI-based systems.