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WASP-HS Guest Professor

Photo of Irina Shklovsk wearing a red turtle neck and smiling towards the camera.

Irina Shklovski

As a WASP-HS Guest Professor, Irina Shklovski will strengthen the vision of excellent multidisciplinary research with high relevance both in Sweden and on an international level.

Host University

Linköping University

International University

University of Copenhagen

Research Project

Operationalising Ethics for AI: Translation, Implementation and Accountability Challenges

Professor Irina Shklovski’s research project will produce a comprehensive audit of existing technical tools and methods for achieving better and more ethical Al systems; interrogate epistemic assumptions and contestations at work within research and industry efforts towards algorithmic explainability by focusing on the questions of what is being explained, to whom, how, and why;  prototype an operationalising ethics in Al toolkit, taking into account the three epistemic gaps of translation, implementation and accountability and test and evaluate this prototype with a broad community of technologists from across the spectrum, including academics, industry and non-profit organizations.