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WASP-HS Guest Professor

Anna-Sara Lind, Professor of Law, Uppsala University.

Yoshihisa Kashima

As a WASP-HS Guest Professor, Yoshihisa Kashima will strengthen the vision of excellent multidisciplinary research with high relevance both in Sweden and on an international level.

Host University

UmeƄ University

International University

University of Melbourne

Research Project

The Psychology of Social Institutions

The aim of Professor Yoshihisa Kashima’s project is to test and develop theories on institutionalization, deinstitutionalization and legitimation of institutions, and study how AI-filtered social media affects such processes. In so doing, the project will help address societal challenges and implications of AI, while making important contributions to neo-institutionalism, a major theoretical perspective in understanding societal functioning and development. Finally, it also contributes to the development of socially aware AI as it will help develop computational models that are needed for AI systems to be aware of the social processes of which they are a part.