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Mapping the Nexus of Biodiversity, Climate Change, Human Society and Health Using Large Language Models


The loss of biodiversity and the threats to human health and societies due to pollution, habitat damage, and climate change require urgent solutions. However, the large amount of fragmented information across millions of scientific publications determines a lack of understanding of the complex interconnections between these issues that hinders progress.


The project aims at creating a large knowledge graph that links between climate change, biodiversity, human health and social sustainability and that can be used to pinpoint potential mitigation strategies.


The project is based on the implementation of a text mining pipeline based on large language models that can process all accessible scientific literature on biodiversity, climate change, medicine, and social sustainability. Further computational analysis will allow to identify strategies to mitigate effect of major drivers on the system.


WASP-HS perspective: the knowledge graph will help in clarifying sustainability-related challenges.

DDLS perspective: The project will develop a method to make text mining technologies accessible to a much larger audience of life science, social science and humanities researchers and even non-academics and will establish new knowledge about the link between biodiversity, social science and humanities research.


Start: September 2023
End: December 2025

Project type

Seed-Money between WASP-HS and DDLS


Universities and institutes

Lund University

Project members

Sonja Aits

Associate Professor

Lund University

Emily Boyd


Lund University