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Predicting the Diffusion of AI-Applications

About the project

New methods to predict how artificial intelligence spreads through different parts of society will be developed by researchers at the Institute for Futures Studies led by Pontus Strimling.

The researchers involved in the project will develop a scientific framework to make it easier to predict how technology based on artificial intelligence is diffused in different population groups.

In order to determine the ethical, social and environmental effects of artificial intelligence in various areas of society, science-based methods to predict this diffusion are needed. This type of framework will make it easier to use policy instruments that could reinforce the positive changes that artificial intelligence can yield, while at the same time minimising the associated risks.

The framework will be used to predict how quickly a number of new AI applications are diffused, and then to identify those that are likely to have a large impact on society, as well as their social consequences.


Start: 1 January 2020
End: 31 December 2024

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Universities and institutes

Uppsala University

Institute for Future Studies

Project members

Pontus Strimling

Pontus Strimling

Associate Professor

Uppsala University

Emma Engström

Institute for Future Studies