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Towards Al-Based Preventative Physiotherapy Interventions

About the project

How can we responsibly create novel Al-enabled public health interventions in physiotherapy? This project brings together expertise in robotics, machine learning, physiotherapy and participatory design to imagine and create new types of physiotherapy exercises and interventions, while reflecting on how these technologies will have an impact on how physiotherapists relate to their clients. We will do so by designing novel technologies together with physiotherapists, tightly integrated into their everyday work practices. Our aim is to innovate responsibly in this area, respecting physiotherapists core values and articulating ethical issues emerging from novel human-Al collaborations.



Project type

physiotherapy, robotics, machine learning, participatory design

Universities and institutes

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Uppsala University

Umeå University

Project members

Annika Waern

Professor of Human-Computer Interaction

Uppsala University

Florian Pokorny

Associate Professor in Machine Learning

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Marlene Sandlund

Associate Professor

Umeå University

Pedro Sanches

Assistant Professor in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Umeå University

Siddharth Nair

PhD student

Umeå University