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Winter Conference 2024 Workshop

What is the Worst Possible Use of Your Research?


Most of the research in WASP-HS is focused on integrating AI systems into society in a positive way. For example, by developing a method that makes an algorithm’s decisions more fair. However, such methods could potentially be turned upside down and lead to intentionally using AI systems for a bad cause. In case of the example, this could be done by using the same method to make the decision’s more unfair. The aim of this workshop is to reflect on how our research could be used for a bad cause and to discuss possible methods to prevent and mitigate this.

We will start with short one minute presentations where everyone describes their research on a high-level and describes the worst possible use of their research. After the presentations, we have a discussion in group(s) on possible ways to prevent or mitigate the worst usages.


Please prepare the short presentation on the worst possible use of your research.