Anna Foka Promoted to Full Professor

Published: January 30, 2023

WASP-HS Principal Investigator, Anna Foka, is promoted to Full Professor in Digital Humanities at Uppsala University.

“As Professor in Digital Humanities, and with a background in cultural history, media studies and archaeology, I try to understand and make sense of past life worlds by deploying digital methods”, says Anna Foka.

Anna Foka’s research is focused on the intersection between digital technology and historical disciplines. She is studying AI methods and tools used for historical and cultural heritage collections, as well as how these technologies may be used to minimize historically introduced biases.

“Unfortunately, biases can be found everywhere, but as Professor in Digital Humanities I hope I can use my voice to illustrate the multiple issues of biases and to contribute to a future society that values diversity and inclusion”, she says.

The newly promoted professor is Principal Investigator of WASP-HS projects, “Artificial Intelligence As a Risk and Opportunity for the Authenticity of Archives” and the upcoming project “Quantifying Culture: AI and Heritage”.

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