New Report on AI and Cyber Security

Published: June 5, 2024
Dark blue brochure with a slight blue and purple shield and a lock. Test says: WASP-HS AI and Cyber Security Report 2024

Discussions from the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanity and Society (WASP-HS) event “AI and Cyber ​​​​Security”, which took place on 26 March, 2024, are summarized and publicly available in a recently published report.

In our increasingly digital lives, both personal and professional, we’ve become heavily reliant on the functionality and reliability of IT systems. However, this dependence also exposes us to vulnerabilities, particularly in the face of cyberattacks. Recently, WASP-HS released a new report focusing on the intersection of AI and cyber security.

“WASP-HS’s main focus on the issue of cyber security is the human and social context. We strive to consider possible damage to individuals, companies and society in the battle between cyberattacks and cyber defense,” says Christofer Edling, WASP-HS Program Director and Professor of Sociology at Lund University.

Conversations Between Researchers and Public and Private Organizations

The report is based on conversations that took place during the WASP-HS event of the same name on 26 March, 2024. The event was attended by researchers from disciplines such as law, computer science, and business administration, as well as participants from companies and organizations such as Nasdaq, the Swedish Ministry of Finance, Region Stockholm and several others.

Available to Everyone

The WASP-HS report “AI and Cyber ​​​​Security” is available to all interested parties and can be found on the WASP-HS website.

Download the report AI and Cyber Security.

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