Challenges and Opportunities of AI Regulation – New Report

Published: September 14, 2022

WASP-HS has published a new report on the challenges and opportunities of regulating AI. The report is a summary based on the discussions and conclusions brought up during the Community Reference Meeting (CRM) which took place on 19 May. At the meeting representatives from academia and industry participated.

“The focus on data privacy is now shifting towards more comprehensive approaches that include identifying, interpreting and balancing different societal requirements such as inclusion, access, bias, explanation, and transparency. As such, regulation of AI is increasingly based on the assessment of risks and opportunities, also including the risk of not using AI, and on the specification of trade-offs”, says Professor Virginia Dignum, WASP-HS Program Director.

WASP-HS Community Reference Meetings (CRMs) are dedicated for public and private organizations in Sweden. The purpose of the meetings are to share and reflect on the challenges and questions which are of the public and private organizations interest, and for the WASP-HS researchers to share recent research development within the program. This, in order to identify opportunities and collaborations, in and with, different sectors.

Research Road Map

Upon the discussions and conclusions in the report, a research road map highlights alignment with the following.

  • Without a clear definition of what AI regulation is aiming to regulate, legislation may be void, and hard to implement. The articulation of requirements and functionalities of the technology being regulated is fundamental.
  • The (EU) legislation space in this area is becoming very ‘crowded’. It is important to understand how to navigate, integrate and balance different regulatory directions.
  • Participation and inclusion of all relevant stakeholders are crucial from the very onset of any design and implementation effort, be it regulation or digital technology.

Download and read the full report.

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