Healthcare and trustworthy AI addressed in roundtable discussions

Published: March 25, 2021

Healthcare and trustworthy AI, ethical issues, cyber security, legislation, empowering people, human-centered AI, multidisciplinary research and more was discussed at the WASP-HS community reference meeting held on 25 March.

WASP-HS community reference meetings aims at learning for public and private organisations in Sweden about challenges and questions in order to identify opportunities for collaboration in different sectors.

The event started off by keynote speaker Maja Fjaestad, State Secretary to the Minister for Health and Social Affairs of Sweden, with a talk on human-centric care in the age of digital.

The meeting was then divided in four online roundtables with follow-up discussions concerning patient data, biomedical AI, citizen’s perspective on human-centered AI, and trustworthy human-robot interaction in healthcare.

Human-centric AI systems

Helena Lindgren, professor at Umeå University, was one of the chairs at the roundtable that discussed illness prevention and health promotion from the citizen’s perspective.

“The aim is to explore the challenges residing in the vision of human-centric AI systems collaborating with humans, enhancing human capabilities and empowering humans to achieve their health-related goals,” Helena Lindgren says about the discussion at her roundtable.

“We want to facilitate a conversation about opportunities and challenges relating to how individuals can be supported by AI-based health coaching, self-diagnosis and self-management applications based on evidence-based and best practice knowledge, and how individuals’ self-determination can be preserved when meeting person-tailored digital health guidance,” she continues.

Social robotics

Ginevra Castellano, professor at Uppsala University, was one of the chairs at another roundtable that discussed the big challenges in social robotics and trustworthy human-robot interaction in healthcare, and how multidisciplinary research can contribute to address these issues. To be part of WASP-HS gives a platform for this, she states.

“WASP-HS brings a multidisciplinary approach including humanities and social sciences to development on AI in healthcare and understanding its social consequences,” Ginevra Castellano says.

Different issues on healthcare and AI

The discussions at the four roundtables was led by research leaders from different WASP-HS projects, and highlighted the issues:
“Harmonising diverse patient data for person-centered care”. Chairs: Ericka Johnson and Katherine Harrison, both at Linköping University.

“Data work in biomedical AI: the hidden challenges of data, pretraining, and ground truths”. Chairs: Francis Lee, Chalmers University and Technology, and Magnus Boman, KTH.

“Citizen’s perspective on human-centered AI for illness prevention”. Chairs: Helena Lindgren and Ingeborg Nilsson, both at Umeå University.

“Social robotics and trustworthy human-robot interaction in healthcare”. Chairs: Ginevra Castellano, Uppsala University, and Katie Winkle, KTH.

Next WASP-HS community meeting
The next WASP-HS community meeting will address virtual worlds and gaming, scheduled to 26 May.