New video: Future challenges in AI and automation

Published: October 9, 2020

In a new video Jonas Ivarsson, professor of Informatics at the University of Gothenburg and project leader in WASP-HS, discusses some of the challenges society will face in AI and automation.

As a species we have grown in a complicated relationship with technology when it comes to what we can do as individuals. Jonas Ivarsson points to some of these complications as he from history and our current situation explore the road into the future.

“For the benefit of the generations growing up, we must articulate a clear vision of what role technology should play. We should ensure that today’s children learn to work with, and not for, the technology!“

Watch the video Challenges for the knowledge society by Jonas Ivarsson and follow his talk from London taxi cab drivers to surgeons, teachers and working skills that could be impacted by rising technology.

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