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UppTalk Weekly with WASP-HS researchers

The impact of artificial intelligence on people and society was the main focus when UppTalk Weekly at Uppsala University invited to a digital lunch seminar.

Virginia Dignum one of 50 top AI ethics influencers to follow in 2020

The French digital web agency IPFC has released their list of the top 50 AI Ethics influencers. WASP-HS program director Virginia Dignum coming in at #24.

Trustworthy AI in Europe

How can we guarantee a reliable and trustworthy development of AI in Europe? That was the focus in a keynote speech Dr. Fredrik Heintz held recently in a webinar hosted by the think tank Fores.

Researchers says Corona-apps can be a risk

Virginia Dignum, program director of WASP-HS and professor at Umeå University is interviewed on the main national news broadcast channel SVT Rapport. Virginia Dignum warns in the interview...

Kerstin Sahlin new member of the Umeå University Board

Kerstin Sahlin, Professor of Management, Uppsala University, and chairperson of the board of WASP-HS, has been appointed by the government as a new member of the board of...

The role of biometrics and AI in everyday life

Amanda Lagerkvist, researcher at Uppsala University and project leader in WASP-HS, has opened up a whole new field of research: Existential Media Studies. It is about what it...

Scientists says Corona-apps can be a risk

Researchers warn governments that Corona-apps may pose threats to human rights and freedoms. Initiators of a call to the Dutch government are Virginia Dignum (program director WASP-HS) together...

Anna-Sara Lind new member of the European Commission against racism and intolerance

The Government has appointed Anna-Sara Lind, Professor of Public Law at the Legal Department, as a new Swedish member of the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI)....